I began blogging a number of years ago. It was part of the DIY, ‘marketing on the cheap” burden that is thrust upon  every small business owner, and my  blog was, at least initially , designed only to drive more traffic to my law firm’s website, and to keep the firm’s name  firmly planted in the short attention  span of the public, in hopes that they would remember that name  when they fell afoul of the law. In time I found that I liked it, and enjoyed the interaction with  clients and  colleagues.

When I retired a couple of months ago, I found there was a void, (and a large untidy pile  of clippings and scribbled notes labelled ” blogs to be written”, and so the idea for this blog was born.

I have wrestled mightily with the decision as to how to theme my blog, since my past musings on the law firm website were all, at least loosely related to the law, and many of my readers seemed to find value in that. Now, freed by retirement from the tyranny of marketing  ye olde  law firm, and with other interests and pursuits  opening to me daily it occurs to me that  I might want to indulge in some free-form blogging,  writing about whatever  takes my fancy.

In the end, I have decided to do both:  The Dilettante, which I am launching today , is conceived as a platform to write about life, the law , and life in the law, and much of its content will focus on the wonderful, quirky profession that I have followed for the past forty years.

A Gentleman’s Relish, which I am launching contemporaneously, will have no such strictures, and will, I hope become a free-form blogging experience, to entertain readers with an eclectic array of material.

I encourage you to sample both !