Now, I know that things aren’t always what they seem. Lord knows how many times I’ve read a press account of a case I was involved in, and been convinced that the article was describing a different case entirely.

So, when I come across something that doesn’t, at first glance, make sense, I try to suspend judgment: maybe I don’t have all the facts or fully appreciate all the nuances of the situation.

So it was last weekend when I encountered our tax dollars freely being spent by Parks Canada.

The recipient of  Ottawa’s largess? none other than a BI-LINGUAL, SOLAR POWERED, WHEELCHAIR- ACCESSIBLE, SELF-COMPOSTING  OUTHOUSE– located on a small island accessible ONLY by kayak.

Although shaking my head, I’m trying hard to suspend judgment – There must be a sensible, cost -effective reason for the building of such an edifice – mustn’t there ?