Ever Lost a Client?

It happens to us all in business. A client is lost. Sometimes there’s a good reason for it, complacency has set in, service levels have declined,  the competition has sharpened their pencil on price, or in my profession, a court case has been lost. Often though, there is no rational reason, or the loss is occasioned by forces beyond your control. Regardless of the reasons why, when a client leaves , especially a big one, it has a major, sometimes even fatal impact on your business. How you handle the loss says a lot about your character.

These musings were prompted by an advertisement that caught my eye in Friday’s Vancouver Sun. It was placed by Bob Stamnes and the team at Elevate Communications to mark the loss of their major long-time client Toyota. It was a classy piece, and set an example for us all. Well done!

Alas, I lack the technical skills to reproduce the ad properly, but here is the link 

Please give it a read – its worth it.